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Getting back into fitness does not have to be a struggle. Whether you are pregnant or postpartum fitness should not be painful. If you are not sure where to start let us help get you on the right track.

Why choose us over other programs?

Well for starters we understand what your body and your pelvic floor go through during pregnancy and postpartum. This
is crucial to avoid pain and potential injuries due to improper training. 


Pregnancy and childbirth are arguably the most intense physical endeavors a human being can take on. Pregnancy and the postpartum period are physically draining, so pushing yourself too hard is counterproductive. Still, the last thing a busy new mom needs is ongoing incontinence, chronic back, and hip pain, or the inability to lug a car seat up the stairs. The right type of training can dramatically increase a new mom's quality of life and experience in her body. 


Exercise designed for the postpartum body can help with pelvic floor dysfunction, rebuilding core strength, and healing abdominal separation. It also aims to ease hip, back, and neck pain.

Your primary focus post-baby is restoring your deepest core and pelvic floor muscles, and part of this includes relearning how to breathe. Because the growing baby essentially pushes organs up into your diaphragm, you may have become accustomed to short, shallow breathing—this can prevent you not only from finding nervous system relief but also from using your core functionally. Learning to breathe three-dimensionally (into the pelvic floor, plus the side and the back ribs) will free up tension and make your core exercises more effective.

We offer:

Pregnant/Postpartum Personal Training

  • 1 to 1 session in-person or Virtual sessions

  • Personalized corrective exercise training every workout

  • Proper technique to help address prolapse, urinary incontinence, core weakness, and or Diastasis Recti

  • Develop a routine you can stick to long-term while protecting your pelvic floor

  • Coaching and accountability services are available

Pregnant/Postpartum Virtual Group corrective exercise sessions

  • Virtual sessions only at this time

  • 2-5 clients

  • Develop a routine you can stick to long-term

  • All the benefits of personal training in a group setting

  • Coaching and accountability services are available

Call us today for a free consultation

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