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Preparing for labor and delivery can be so stressful. Having the right birth team is so crucial. At PivOTal Performance, we strive to prepare our mom’s to be with the most innovative and evidenced base strategies to decrease the risk of pelvic floor dysfunction. While there can be no absolute promise of having a labor and delivery free of injury. Our goal is to make you the most prepared.

  • 3rd & 4th Trimester Wellness Packages

  • One 60-minute consultation in (office or virtual)

  • One session 90-minute session to cover birth positions, breathing training (not your regular lamaze type breathing), push training, breastfeeding posture, and Body mechanic training (to prepare you for carrying baby + car seat. You will also receive a pelvic floor risk assessment to help identify potential pelvic floor dysfunction.

  • One 30-minute consultation virtually at 2-3 postpartum

  • Pregnancy and Birth prep Packages $375

Let us help you ease and prepare for labor and delivery.

3 session bundle includes:

  • Pregnancy-safe exercises

  • Birth positioning is designed to decrease pelvic floor injuries

  • Breathe training/push training to help ease labor and delivery

  • Reduce your urinary incontinence

  • The overnight bag must-haves

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