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Our mission is to provide high-quality women's health & wellness services to all our clients. We are committed to empowering all our clients to ensure they reach their goals. We are committed to changing the face of healthcare; by creating a space for all our clients to be seen and heard. 


Nicole is a fantastic OT and I’d strongly recommend her! I worked with her to strengthen and address some issues with my core after having my second child. She was super knowledgeable and thorough, and I appreciated the time she took to explain not just the exercises but how everything works together in the body. She was able to visit my home - a huge bonus for a mom with a newborn - and I truly enjoyed our sessions.

— Courtney

Nicole is amazing!! She is honest, patient, reliable, and there for you 100%! I can’t say enough good things about her. For years, I ran and worked out hard knowing my limitations. But after having delivered my first born, I had incontinence, lower back pain, and hip/groin pain. It took me years to realize that I might have pelvic issues. 
She gives me the right tools and encourages me all the time. She is hands down the best!

— Katherine

I’m so happy that I found Nicole. She is very Professional with capital “P”. She is knowledgeable. She pays attention to every small detail and tries to make you comfortable. I recommend her service. Every visit was fun and productive. She made me feel better just in few weeks. She even was fighting for me with my insurance company 😅 So if you need somebody to help with your problem, then she is the right person.

— Maryna

Nicole is magic! I'm so grateful her knowledge, skill, and insight came into my life! I started pelvic floor therapy, out of curiosity. Little did I know how much I needed this in my life! There are so many symptoms I would either attempt to medicate, call a doctor for, or just live with only to find out that they were muscle related. To my surprise any irritation like itch, heat, etc. can be treated and often muscle/tension related. Every woman should be given the opportunity to heal and be educated the way Nicole has helped me!

— Ariana


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