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Now Offering myofascial cupping to treat

  • Full body pain management

  • Nerve entrapment 

  • Improve range of motion and reduce muscle tension

  • Posture Training 

  • Scar management 

  • Improve blood flow


Certified sacroiliac joint specialist

We Specialize in treating individuals suffering from acute & chronic pain from hypomobility and hypermobility/instability from sacroiliac joint dysfunction, and dysfunction in the pelvis.

  • Manual therapy specifically targeted at improving pelvis alignment

  • Reducing muscle tension in the pelvic region and glutes

  • Individualized HEP 

Pregnancy and Birth prep Packages

3 session bundle includes:

  • 1 to 1 coaching

  • Pregnancy safe exercises

  • lifestyle modifications

  • Birth positioning designed to decrease pelvic floor injuries

  • Breathe training to help with labor and delivery

  • Strategies to reduce urinary incontinence

  • Proper body mechanic training

  • Posture Assessment