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Rockland Women in Wellness is a team of wellness professionals (Chiropractor, Nutritionist, Pelvic Floor Therapist & Fitness Trainer). Our goal is to empower women by creating a platform that educates and removes all judgment and stigma that can often exist in women’s health and wellness. encourage them to take care of themselves & focus on overall health.



Rockland Women in Wellness is a team of wellness professionals whose goal is to help empower women, encourage them to take care of themselves & focus on overall health


Anna Marie O'Looney

Doctor of Chiropractic, owner of North Rockland Chiropractic

 I grew up right over the Rockland/Bergen County border in New Jersey. I received my Bachelor of Science degree from Syracuse University and my Doctor of Chiropractic degree from New York Chiropractic College.

I am certified in FMT Basic and advanced kinesiology taping, Manipulation Under Anesthesia, and Functional Medicine. Being an avid runner, you will often see me running at Rockland Lake. Because of this, I have a soft spot for treating runners in my office and you will notice that I frequently suggest the usage of a foam roller to patients at their homes.

I am a big proponent of healing from within as I personally feel that the patient and I are a team with a common goal of keeping the patient in optimal health through natural healing.


Rebecca Messina

Certified Nutritionist, MS in Nutrition and Exercise Science, owner of Simply Healthy Living 

My company was founded to counsel adults and children to help them achieve optimal health and vibrancy given their unique physiology. After a consultation and periodic meetings our clients have overcome their challenges around; obesity, mood changes, eating disorders, low energy levels, blood sugar issues, pregnancy, and hormone imbalances.

Nicole Muriel

OTRL HSP, Occupational Therapist, owner of PivOTal Performance

 I honestly love helping women learn more about their bodies and empower them with all the knowledge I humanly can. I have taken over 4 years of education and training through Herman and Wallace regarding treating and evaluating pelvic floor dysfunction. I opened PivOTal performance to change the face of women's health. By creating a space for women to be seen and heard. I offer women effective treatments to address all their needs. I am a certified sacroiliac joint specialist, certified myofascial cupping practitioner.

Because of my 11 year background in neurological conditions. I became certified in LSVT-BIG  which helps clients with Parkinson's, MS, and stroke to improve balance, decrease tremors, and improve walking.  

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Danielle Young

Certified Personal Trainer and Coach, owner of BePosFITive

I help busy women make themselves a priority through mindset & movement. In healing my own relationship with fitness, my goal is to encourage and empower you to step out of your comfort zone, get stronger - both inside and out - and change your life...all with a positive mindset! My kind & caring approach will make you feel comfortable and inspired as we work together on your journey. I'm not your typical trainer and am ecstatic to help you BePosFITive.

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